O.M.G.  Ghiotto S.r.l. was established on October 24th, 1978 by Ghiotto Giuseppe and Lovato Maria Assunta, husband and wife, based on specific experience acquired since their youth.

    Thanks to their hard work and attention to managing the company finances, the husband and wife team was able to buy one of the first plots of land in the industrial area of the Comune of Brendola.

    This purchase was further enhanced by the presence of the nearby highway tollbooth which favors communication and transport.


    years of experience


    types of products


    sq.m. covered area

    Without further delay, they built the first part of the factory where they installed the first equipment they purchased with the added help and trust of their suppliers and banks.

    The first client relationships began through longtime friendships and developed quickly thanks to the professionalism of the founders, their reliability and attention to detail. The creation of a company, as with a child, is always a somewhat miraculous event.

    There is something amazing about the internal desire which transforms a worker into an entrepreneur.
    Thereafter, their four children joined the company. So it is safe to say that this is a company created around a strong and driving family nucleus, that is united and determined in its management and development.

    The range of products produced has grown over time in order to satisfy increasing client demands and due to a constant search for new business sectors.

    Currently, one thousand items are produced ranging from couplings to air guns to pressure reducers, in blister or other packaging upon client request.

    The company’s business activities have continued to grow and develop based on the respect and trust of its direct clients and of its partners, which have over time increased the company’s presence, even outside of Europe.

    Today the company’s business activities are carried out in a more than 5,000 sq.m. covered area, with machinery that is on the cutting edge in terms of technology and safety.

    The quality of the workmanship, the timeliness of the deliveries and the company’s professionalism have always distinguished.